PT Capitol Nusantara Indonesia Tbk (IDX code : CANI) is a public listed company specialized in marine transportation, dredging works, offshore supporting vessels & other marine works.

CANI has 2 major mooring bases : Batam, Riau & Samarinda, East Kalimantan.

CANI has 5 anchor handling tugs (AHT) of 3000 HP to 3800 HP capacities : ASL Mantrus, ASL Mulia, ASL Sentosa, ASL Triaksa, QAL Ranger.

CANI has 20 active tug boats of 1080 HP, 1200 HP, 1700 HP, 2000 HP & 3200 HP : ASL Marine 8, ASL Abadi 1 to ASL Abadi 5, Capitol T2001, Capitol T2002, Capitol T2005, ASL Victory, ASL Falcon, Trisakti II, Whale 3, etc.

CANI has 15 flat top barges ranging from 150 ft to 330 ft.

These barges are suitable for transportation of mineral ores, coal, heavy equipment, precast concrete, pipes, steel structures, other construction equipment & materials.

CANI’s associate companies (PT Awak Samudera Transportasi, PT Agus Suta Line, ASL Marine Group) have various crane barges ranging from 100 ton, 120 ton, 242 ton & 250 ton, coal transshipment barges, grab dredger / clamshell dredger, hopper barges & anchor boats.

In addition, CANI also have a Kobelco crawler crane of 250 ton capacity for hire.

CANI can offer marine vessels time charter (TC), freight charter (FC), voyager charter and other cooperation scheme.

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