Floating Crane

TMN 30S is starboard pedestal crane barge suitable for bulk cargo handling, like coal, iron ore & others.

A single Liebherr Four Rope Grabs Crane is installed on barge measuring 57.6 x 22.0 x 5.5 m.

With SWL of 30 tons, TMN 30S can handle cargo up to 10,000 MT/ day.

We have 250 ton crane barge consist of 250 Kobelco crawler crane 7250-2F mounted on top of 180 ft barge Capitol 1801.

Belows are crane barges from our associates.

  •  PT Awak Samudera Transportasi
  1. Transhipment Crane Barge “Toll Suralaya”.

Toll Suralaya has 2 units of MacGregor Deck Crane model K 3030-4HD.

With grab capacity of 30 tons, Toll Suralaya can handle loose cargo up to 12,000 MT/day.

Please watch Toll Suralaya’s operation here.

( Transshipment Crane Barge Indonesia, Floating Crane Charter, Crane Barge Indonesia – YouTube ).

     2. Grab Dredger “Harita 88”.

Equiped with 60 ton 20 m3 grab bucket, clamshell dredger Harita 88 can dredge up to – 50 m depth.

Please watch Harita 88’s operation here.

( Grab Dredger Charter, Grab Dredger Indonesia, Sewa Kapal Keruk, Grab Dredger Rental – YouTube ).

  • PT Agus Suta Line

100 Ton Floating Crane Barge “CB Manunggal 150”.


120 Ton Floating Crane Barge “CB ASL 28”.


120 Ton Floating Crane Barge “CB ASL 42″.


242 Ton Floating Crane Barge “CB ASL 69”.